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“I’m Getting Married And Taking YOUR Child With Me…!”


Imagine the phone rings and it’s your ex…

And before you can even say ‘Hello…’ they hit you with… “I am getting married, moving across the country, and taking our child with me.”

What do you do when your ex tells you this? Where do you even begin?

Maybe you go into panic mode. Maybe you are angry. All that your son has ever known is in where you’ve always lived.

All of your family is here.

Your child or children are excelling in school and in their extracurricular activities. You have never lived that far away from your children.

They need you around.

Maybe you don’t even like your ex’s new partner, and there’s no way you want your kids living with that person. What if the new partner has a criminal history? Do you even know that he or she doesn’t?

You may think there is no way any judge would ever agree to your ex moving so far away and taking your child. But what if the judge did agree? Is that possible?

Or maybe you are the one who is remarrying.

You have finally found someone that you want to spend your life with.

You know this is the person for you. Your kids love your partner, and he or she loves them.

Finally, your life is going great, but you have a custody order in place that won’t work in your new life. Your soon-to-be new spouse is in another state or a long way from where you and your children currently live.

There is no way you can continue to follow your custody order. You will need to have it modified. Surely, your co-parent can see how well the kids are doing and how great a stepparent your new partner will be.

Will the judge allow you to modify your custody order? What if the judge denies your motion to modify the order? What will you do?

All of this that I’ve just shared with you can be extremely intimidating and overwhelming which is why we offer a FREE Phone Consultation to ask questions and get clear on the things that will have the biggest impact in your case and situation.

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