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Think about this for a second…

Divorce doesn’t have to be a battle. When a couple mutually decide to end their marital relationship there are reasonable means to do so without engaging in all out warfare, both legal and emotional. 

First, it is important to recognize that a couple’s relationship as parents to their children, in all except the most extreme cases, will continue to exist after a divorce. 

Safeguarding the wellbeing of each child of the parties should be priority #1. 

We know after many years of professional practice exclusively in the area of marital law that there are numerous circumstances in which a parent may give mere “lip service” to this concept because underneath there is an abiding but unfounded belief that the other parent is “not fit” or “not deserving” to share the child’s or children’s natural love and affection for the other parent.

Sometimes this deficit exists in the subconscious behavior of the misguided parent and can take years of professional emotional therapy to recognize and overcome. Often times this can exist as a deliberate course of conduct by one parent who believes that he or she is acting “in the best interests” of their child. 

The effort to cure and combat such deficits are worthwhile, not only for the parents but more importantly for their children. 

This leads us to explore whether of not a couple are good candidates to resolve their marriage using alternate techniques and procedures which markedly differ from the “traditional concept of litigation.”

It is important to remember that the resort to legal processes have existed for many, many years before “alternative” forms of dispute resolution became in vogue. Like the choice of your personal physician, much of the “success” or “failure” of the resolution of your divorce (if you chose to use those terms) depends upon the knowledge and experience of your legal representative in guiding you along the path to “successful” resolution. 

At Brued, McMahon & Firestone, PLLC, we are committed to assist our clients in whatever choice they wish to follow. Whether it is “mediation,” collaborative divorce” or “litigation in the courts or with private judging” we are prepared to offer our insights into the real world of marital dissolution and guide our clients along the path to making the best possible decisions on the numerous issues which exist on this “journey.”

Having the knowledge and experience gained from 90 years of providing collective legal counselling equips us to focus upon paths leading to less expensive emotional and financial resolutions to marital dissolution.

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